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About Oakridge Business Coaching

My Vision

My Name is Andrew Cox I started Oakridge IT over 25 years ago as a consultant working with clients from either very little or non-existent IT infrastructure. As time went on I was dealing less with Hardware and Software and more with Coaching Management and Staff through Systems Change.

I am a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

I don't ware a suit, in fact, I don't even own one, I prefer people to see what is behind the mask. Power is not in the mask.

I work with a small number of clients and projects each year on a one - one or one - many basis. If you have a project that you feel I may be interested in then I would love to hear from you

Holistic Business Coaching

Have you ever noticed how some business start and end with the founder and some business go on for generations?  Have you ever noticed how some organisations only take over existing businesses but the businesses still exists as an entity?

I call this Business Legacy. And those that learn the secret create Business Legacy or Global Business Corporations. The Difference that Makes the Difference

If you would like to learn more please Contact Me

Through change in this ever changing business world

With over 25 Years experience supporting both Large and Small Business IT projects. Now we bring this Experience to CEO’s Management and Staff Business Coaching and Change Management